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Welcome to my little space on the internet called my blog!
I’m Hope. Some know me by my blog and YouTube channel name, “aspoonfulofhope”. You can call me either, I don’t mind. I’m from Wales in the United Kingdom, and I love anything and everything to do with country music, Nashville, cats, the Lord and fashion, beauty + food (I mean who doesn’t love food?). 

I first started my blog in 2012, but I didn’t publicly post any content until 2013. During this time I strictly wrote about fashion and beauty as it seemed to be the ‘in’ thing to talk about in the blogger world, but since then I have branched out to more lifestyle based posts, with fashion and beauty mixed in-between. 

In 2013 I also began my YouTube Channel. My YouTube channel is a creative space where I make videos weekly ranging from the typical fashion and beauty genre, to lifestyle, food, and fun videos too! I first began making YouTube videos in 2009 singing covers of different songs I liked - did I mention I like to sing? I play guitar too! But after being teased I deleted my channel, and I then began my channel under the name “aspoonfulofhope”. My biggest advice to anyone out there is to not let people upset you, or make you quit doing something you love!

I have always loved anything to do with fashion and beauty since I was a little girl. I have home videos of me doing hauls, make-up and outfit videos when I was around 7/8 years old. It’s quite funny looking back at those home videos. I never would have thought that many years later I would be sharing content with people worldwide, making new friends, and being a role model for others. I am sincerely thankful to everyone who enjoys to read my content and watch what I create visually. It is such a humbling feeling, and I am so thankful to the Lord for giving me this platform to help and uplift others.

Five facts about me so you get to know me better!
1 >> I am a Christian and love the Lord with my whole heart. I hope to uplift others through scriptures and just being someone people can talk to. No matter who you are, I am always there for you, and support you. 
2 >> I’m known as the cat lady. My family have always loved cats and over time we have had 7 cats, three whom have passed away. Our four cats names are Buddy, Holly, Purdy, and Mabel. 
3 >> I love country music. I have done growing up my whole life through the influence of my parents. I hope to one day move to Nashville as I think it’s such an amazing place. I have never visited but it feels like my home away from home. 
4 >> I also play guitar, and I am learning to play banjo and the mandolin. Singing is something I’ve always loved to do, but I’m not incredibly confident in performing in front of people. Hopefully that will change in the future. 
5 >> I love to spend my time indoors, but don’t worry, I love adventuring too. I love to listen to good music, and read books whilst drinking coffee and watching 3 series of a TV programme at a time - mainly Greys Anatomy, or Gilmore Girls. I also love to adventure. I love to see new places and things. I love to experience the seasons by being outside with them. There's something amazing when you can explore and discover something new.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope that you stick around and follow me on this crazy journey I like to call life. I hope you’re having a blessed day!

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